Sunday, February 28, 2010

Notice Given

My wife, Anna,  officially gave notice to her work that she will not be continuing  in the next school. She was required to let them know by March whether she was staying or going. Working in a school, they prefer if you commit to the entire school year, so a decision had to be made. Ultimately, she decided now was the right time to quit. This had the added bonus that we will retain our Health Insurance until the end of August, but after that we are on our own.

Now, of course, we don't yet have our visa to move to Australia, nor do we have any real indication of when that will happen. There are 2 possible scenarios I see:
  1. We get moved into Priority 2 once the new State Migration Plans are announced, and we would hopefully move in 3-9 months (my guess on how long it would  take).
  2. We stay in Priority 5, and will no doubt see our application on hold until 2012.
So this raises an interesting dilemma. If we have to wait until 2012, and Anna is out of work, what do we do next. We could stay here in San Francisco, but on a single income, that would be very difficult.  So as a back up plan, should the Australian Visa be on hold,  we started thinking about moving to Europe in September whilst we wait for more visa news. Having a UK passport, it gives us the rights of residency in various European countries. Our first thoughts were either Spain or France. The thought of spending 1 year there, possibly in a long term vacation rental, is a really appealing option.

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