Friday, March 19, 2010

FBI & State Police Clearance Complete

This morning we went to get our fingerprints taken for the FBI and State check required for our visa. In California we can use the new LiveScan fingerprinting system which digitally sends our finger prints to the State for review. What a great time saver. We just went to our local UPS store who are certified to perform the scans, and everything was digitally transmitted. It cost us $36 per set, which goes to the State, and then about $18 extra for the fingerprinting fee.

For the FBI prints, we needed to get inked fingerprints. Luckily the UPS store also performed this service. We followed the instructions from the FBI website, filling out a cover sheet, and the necessary payment information. We submitted these along with the Fingerprint cards we obtained from the UPS store. We put a 'expedite' date on the envelope stating we needed them by May 1st, hoping that it will speed up the processing. Although, we have heard that they completely ignore these requests now.

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